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We look to our generous families, alumni, and community partners to help grow our campus, improve our technology, and support our academic and athletic programs. 您的捐赠将用于聘请有才华和经验丰富的教师,同时加强使MVS与众不同的签名计划.

任何规模的礼物对美高梅下载来说都是重要的,因为它们支持了它的使命, students and programs. 下面的信息描述了一个广泛的捐赠选择,可以帮助你做出一个礼物,将最大限度地为你和学校的利益. In addition to cash, 许多其他资产可以用来为礼物提供资金,包括升值的股票, personal property, real estate, and retirement plan funds. 你可以让你的礼物立即使用,或者你可以通过其他方式给予, such as life income plans that provide income, tax and personal benefits.

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About the Annual Fund

年度基金是美高梅下载的年度活动,旨在筹集资金支持日常运营预算. 所有私立学校都面临着同样的需求——弥补成本和学费之间的差额. 捐款有助于缩小学费和MVS教育实际成本之间的差距. The Annual Fund touches all aspects of the school, since it represents an important part of the operating budget- 简单地说,如果没有年度基金,MVS教育将会是不一样的.
年度基金捐款对所有教育计划产生巨大而直接的影响, 并使学校能够应对紧急和持续的业务优先事项 including:
Through the Annual Fund, 项目得到加强,教师和工作人员提供必要的工具,让学生在课堂内外都能达到最高水平. 财政援助得到加强,并更牢固地嵌入作为我们致力于学术卓越的核心战略要素, opportunity creation and leadership development. 
We are proud to share that during the past three years, 100% of employees and trustees supported the Annual Fund. Will you join them?


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