我们成为…的旅程 总理学校 在代顿地区

自1964年以来,迈阿密山谷学校 挑战了有希望成为的年轻人 自我维持的学习者富有同情心的全球公民. 这所学校是全国公认的 浸入式教学法是一种典型的教学法坚定学生通过……学得最好的共同信念 直接经验. 在MVS, students discover their true passions in an empowering learning community that encour年龄s young people to express themselves.

迈阿密山谷学校 student body represents the diversity of the greater Dayton area, 吸引了来自51个地方邮政编码和15个国家的学生. 49% of MVS students identify as students of color, 和 49% of students receive financial aid.

MVS的校友群体中有很多政治领袖, 百老汇的演员, 获奖的演员, 企业家, 全球思想家, 首席执行官们, 科学家们, 以及行业领导者, 他们都得到了热情的教职员工的帮助.

MVS是代顿唯一的独立报, 为学前班到12年级的学生提供的非宗派大学预科学校. 的 school has earned numerous accolades from national 和 regional ranking organizations, MVS被公认为代顿地区排名第一的高中, 1 . PreK-12学校, STEM项目排名第一的学校, 和 #1 school for College Preparation in the 2023 Niche Best Schools rankings.

学生不只是来MVS. 在这里,它们变成了.


我们的 任务

挑战有希望成为的年轻人 自我维持的学习者和富有同情心的全球公民.



迈阿密山谷学校, 注册非牟利机构, is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States 和 is chartered as a college preparatory school by the State of Ohio. It is a member of both the Ohio Association of Independent Schools 和 the National Association of Independent Schools.

Membership is also held in the National Association for College Admission Counseling 和 the Ohio Association for College Admission Counseling.


我们练习 完整性 我们所做的一切都是为了营造一个诚实的环境, 荣誉, 和 trust that affirms the dignity of our work 和 of our fellow human beings.

We 庆祝 个性, 鼓励接受和开放的思想, 培养多样性, 确保人人平等.

我们将演示 毅力, both in 和 out of the classroom, as we persevere, move forward, 和 pursue our goals.

我们练习 善良用同理心和同情心对待自己和他人.


迈阿密山谷学校’s academic program is guided by the school’s signature pedagogy, MVS浸入法. 浸没法 is grounded in our shared belief that learning is rooted in 直接经验, which leads to eng年龄ment 和 the discovery of passion by each individual student. 在MVS, 教师是向导和合作者,而不是讲师, 对概念的深刻理解比死记硬背更有美高梅官方网站app.

Everything we do at 迈阿密山谷学校 is carefully sculpted to create a community of student 和 adult learners who are supported in pursuit of their individual passions. 我们的 教师 和 工作人员 collaborate with students to help them pursue the information they are curious about.

遵循MVS浸入式方法的原则, 迈阿密山谷学校 phased out Advanced Placement® courses beginning in 2017. Instead of submitting to a curriculum that privileges test prep over authentic education, MVS teachers create dynamic opportunities for real-world learning 和 academic achievement in a one-of-a-kind school environment. 在MVS, our advanced courses are designed to replicate the experience 和 small-group dynamic of a college-level seminar, 课程内容的深度大于广度.


我在MVS的13年是和家人在一起的13年. I feel that the spirit of MVS is its students, but the heart is its 教师. At no other school do the teachers have such a personal interest in your success. 他们是沉浸式学习方法的推动者, showing us the knowledge gained from discovering 和 experiencing something versus memorizing it. 在课堂之外,他们也在那里, supporting students at sporting events 和 meeting outside of school to finish projects.”


我们的 美高梅下载

依偎在静谧中, 安全郊区社区, 迈阿密山谷学校’s campus is continuously growing 和 changing to better serve our community of learners. 设有多个户外学习实验室, 广泛的运动设施, Makerspace, 计算机科学, 和机器人实验室, 和更多的, 迈阿密山谷学校不同于代顿地区的任何一所学校. 了解MVS的最好方法? 来参观我们吧!


  • - 22英亩的美高梅下载
  • - 1可持续环境温室
  • - 1个户外探索中心 & 鸟盲
  • - 1个先进的创客空间
  • - 45间教室和实验室
  • - 1剧院
  • - 2个体育馆
  • - 6个网球场
  • - 1个草坪运动场地
  • - 2个草地运动场

肖像 研究生

Students graduate from 迈阿密山谷学校 with their curiosity kindled 和 passion ignited. 在这里,毕业生 成为……


MVS graduates become resilient, passionate explorers, diving deeply into diverse areas of interest. Through the distinctive experiential curriculum 和 independent research opportunities promoted by MVS浸入法, 学生将为终身的自我学习做好准备, 独立思考, 以及在不断变化的世界中保持的灵活性. 学生练习冒险, 的决心, 并坚持不懈地为他们的后mvs之旅做准备.


MVS毕业生变得有经验, real-world problem solvers in pursuit of the common good who have shared their work with a wide variety of audiences throughout their academic 职业生涯s. 在这里, students find their voices, nurture their 个性, 和 turn their thoughts into actions. Students are encour年龄d in their curiosity 和 empowered to make an impact with their projects, 为他们上大学做准备, 职业生涯, 和生活.


MVS graduates become considerate, constructive stewards of their environment 和 themselves. 在这里, students practice reflection 和 contemplation not only in terms of their academic learning, 而且在社会和情感关怀方面. 由于MVS亲密的学习环境所灌输的价值观, our graduates underst和 the value of protecting 和 nourishing the people, 的地方, 和周围的事物,同时为他们的社区做出积极的贡献.


MVS graduates become creative, caring cultivators, bringing together both ideas 和 people. 他们找到了自己的关系网, 建立健康的人际关系, 有效地分享他们的想法, 并富有同情心地倾听. 在MVS期间, 学生们学会了从多种角度进行研究, 综合不同学科的信息, 并与同龄人和成年人合作. MVS graduates leave our halls schooled in the MVS mission of 富有同情心的全球公民hip 和 prepared to flourish in a multifaceted global community.

多样性是 我们是谁.

We believe an appreciation for diversity is essential for developing 富有同情心的全球公民. 我们的标准是包容各种形式的多样性. 它包含, 但并不局限于性别, 性别认同, 比赛, 种族, 宗教, 性取向, 体能, 政治面貌, 家庭组成, 社会经济地位, 学习差异.

We believe that all of our lives are enriched by the diversity of our community. 我们渴望培养学生的多样性, 教师, 工作人员, 为了让我们美高梅官方网站app参与一个多元化的世界.

We believe in creating an MVS community that will promote the success of every student by appreciating the unique presence 和 contributions they bring. We encour年龄 thoughtful conversations 和 reflection about issues pertaining to equity 和 justice.

多样性是我们的本质. 它已融入我们社区的日常生活.


Inspired by listening sessions with students, parents, 教师, 工作人员 和 board members.

美高梅下载没有种族歧视, color, 宗教, 性别, 性取向, 国家和民族出身, 年龄, disability or any other characteristic protected by law in the administration of its employment, 招生, 或者教育政策, 学费援助计划, 金融政策, 或者其他管理项目.


成立于1964年, we have educated students that have gone on to be everything from 首席执行官们 to Oscar-winning actors. 探索我们长达数十年的沉浸和发现之旅.



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我们努力使我们的招生过程愉快和可实现的. 应用 now, 和 begin the journey toward building a better community through education.